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MasterMouse Pro L - Amidextrous Gaming Mouse with Interchangeable Grips

Arm yourself with the MasterMouse Pro L and customize your grip with modular top covers and side grips. No matter how you choose to play, the ergonomic, contoured design and matte finish offer the best grip for even the most demanding gamers. Get an Avago sensor with up to 12000 DPI, brilliant RGB illumination with 16.7 million color options, and user-friendly software to customize and synchronize your rig's color scheme.

MasterMouse Pro L + White Covers + Free Mouse Pad Bundle!

This unique CM Store bundle includes:

- 1 x MasterMouse Pro L
- 1 x MasterMouse Pro L White Cover Kit
- 1 x Make it Yours Mouse Pad

Save a bundle with this online special deal. Along with our MasterMouse Pro L ambidextrous gaming mouse, you'll also receive a set of white grips to customize your mouse, and a free mouse pad.

Get it while stocks last!

Sentinel III

Sentinel III introduces a host of improvements, building upon the ergonomic, palm grip design that fans have come to love. Spearheaded by full spectrum 16.8 million color LED illumination for customization, greatly improved intuitive software, and matte coating with acrylic top panel, the Sentinel III is the perfect choice for palm grip gamers looking for a comfortable mouse with advanced featur

Sentinel III 贈送免費滑鼠墊

Sentinel III在基於掌握式的人體工學的設計上有了很大的進步,令許多玩家們愛不釋手。除了有全光譜的1680萬色LED燈光可以自行設定之外,人性化的軟體和使用磨砂塗料的壓克力上蓋,讓Sentinel III成為玩家追求掌握式滑鼠舒適度和進階功能的最佳選擇。

Xornet II

The Cooler Master CM Storm Xornet II is built from the ground up for gamers who choose to battle it out using a claw grip style. Renowned as the best gaming mouse design for claw grip, every inch of this mouse has been crafted to prevent cramping and provide maximum comfort. Powered by an improved optical sensor, on-the-fly DPI settings, full 16.8 million color illumination, and lift of distance tuning and calibration, the Xornet II stands out among the competition as a comfortable, accurate and affordable weapon to add to your arsenal.

MasterMouse Pro L White Covers

White magnetic covers for your MasterMouse Pro L - Simply remove the original black covers and attach new ones. Great for easily changing the outlook of your mouse, or even for custom modding.

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