CES 2024 Cooler Master Tech Experience at the Palms Resort

CES 2024 Cooler Master Tech Experience at the Palms Resort

The Pulse of Passion 

For those who do more, expect more, and dare more, our products are the lifeblood of their passion. Check out a small preview of what to expect at our CES 2024 location. 

Sneaker X Bounce 

The Sneaker X Bounce PC System is a limited-edition masterpiece from Cooler Master. Blending high-tech performance with street culture aesthetics, this system is a collaborative creation with graffiti artist Bounce. Featuring detachable speakers, LED design elements, and top-tier hardware, the Sneaker X Bounce is not just a PC, but a collectible piece of art that resonates with sneaker, music and street culture.


A groundbreaking modular hardware platform that offers unparalleled customization for streamers, content creators and tech enthusiasts. This video will guide you through its versatile features and potential applications.

Project G11

Featuring a dual pump, dual chamber design for unprecedented cooling efficiency, this AIO cooler is perfect for high-performance CPUs. It’s not just about cooling; it’s about customizability, style and setting new standards in the industry. Discover how the Project G11 elevates your PC’s performance and aesthetics.


The GP2711 monitor from Cooler Master is a state-of-the-art display combining advanced cooling, Mini-LED technology and color accuracy. Boasting a VA panel with impressive contrast ratios, a 165Hz refresh rate and ultra-responsive times, this monitor is perfect for gaming, creative work, and everyday use.

Project New V8

Discover the future of CPU cooling technology with Cooler Master’s Project New V8. Engineered for high-performance, it features advanced superconductive heat pipes and a redesigned vapor chamber, offering unparalleled cooling efficiency. Perfect for demanding CPUs, it promises top-notch performance and sleek aesthetics. Tune in to explore how the Project New V8 sets new benchmarks in cooling solutions.

Mobius 120 Slim

Explore the revolutionary Mobius 120 Slim by Cooler Master. Designed for small form factor builds, this fan combines thermal efficiency with a slim profile, perfect for tight spaces. Featuring our Loop Dynamic Bearing Design, it promises longevity, reduced noise and superior performance. Join us to see how the Mobius 120 Slim is changing the game in compact cooling.

Masterbox 600

Get a closer look at Cooler Master’s Masterbox 600, a versatile and efficient PC case designed for today’s builders. Offering support for back-connector motherboards and high-end GPUs, it’s a great fit for those seeking a blend of simplicity and performance. Join us to see how the Masterbox 600 brings practicality and value to your PC build.


The TD500 MAX by Cooler Master. This high-end case combines exceptional thermal performance with ease of assembly, making it a top choice for power users. Featuring a custom cooling setup and special design elements, the TD500 MAX is built to house and cool the most demanding components with ease.

X Silent Max

The X Silent Max PSU by Cooler Master: the quiet, efficient power supply. Featuring the ultra-quiet Mobius fan and advanced thermal management, this PSU is designed for those who value a peaceful environment. With a focus on high-quality components and efficiency, the X Silent Max stands out in the PSU market.

X Silent Edge PSU

Introducing the X Silent Edge PSU from Cooler Master, available in 850W and 1100W. These fanless power supplies offer a pleasing noise-free experience. Featuring advanced heat pipe technology, a modular thermal structure and Infineon IC chips, the X Silent Edge guarantees top-tier performance and reliability.

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