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Toolles Fan Rivet (sold per 4)

SKU: 810027110-GP
Toolles Fan Rivets (sold per 4)
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Elite 120 Feet (sold per 1)

Feet for the Elite 120.
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140mm Casefan (From C700M)

The original 140mm casefan used in the Cosmos C700M 1200 RPM 12V 0.18A 4 pin PWM Please note:This is an OEM product. Therefore no screws are included.

LGA 1700 Upgrade Kit (603005440-GP)

Product Page LGA1700

See the list of compatible coolers below


Elite 120/130 I/O panel USB 3.0

This USB card for the Elite 130 contains the following connections: 2x USB 3.0 1x Audio 1x Mic Please note:The card itself doesn't include a front panel. You will receive only the internal USB card plus cables.