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2 to 1 PWM cable

Make 2 PWM fans work as one with this 2 to 1 PWM cable. Originally used for the V6.

5 pin to 3x SATA 90A (Modular / Flatcable)

5 pin to 3x SATA 90A (Modular/Flatcable).

5 pin to MOLEX (Modular / Flat cable)

A 5-pin to MOLEX flat cable.

Fan speed reducer

This resistor can be placed between the fan and where you connect the fan. It adds resistance to the fan which reduces the fan speed. About 13cm long 3 Pin Female to 4 Pin male Resistor 3W47OhmJ reduces RPM with +/- 15% Please note:Only to be used with 120mm & 140mm fans.Bigger fans have higher power consumption and can cause the cable to overheat.

HDD LED (2) (Blue)

A HDD LED with cable.Size of the LED: 3mm Led color is blue

PCI-E 6 pin to 2x (6+2) pin (Modular / Flat cable)

Original cable for the V850, V1000 and V1200.
*Please make sure to verify compatibility with your PSU.

Power LED (2)

A Power LED with cable.Size of the LED: 3mm

Voltage adapter

A molex to 3Pin 5V/7V/12V adapter for the Eisberg Water Cooling. Choose your Eisberg performance based on your own needs: Voltage Noise in dB(A) Pump Speed 12V 41 dB(A) 3600 RPM 7V 31,7 dB(A) 2500 RPM 5V 24,2 dB(A) 2000 RPM

NR200(P) Power Connection Wire 10A UL

Power Connection Wire 10A UL.

This power cable extension comes pre-installed in the NR200(P)

MasterBox NR200P MAX - Riser Cable 4.0

This cable comes pre-installed with the NR200P MAX.

PCI-E 8 pin to 2x(6+2) pin (Modular/Flat cable)(Model 1)

Compatible with:
V Gold V2 550w / 650w / 750w / 850w
V Gold SFX
V (original V-Series)

PCI-E 8 pin to 2x(6+2) pin (Modular/Flat cable)(Model 2)

Compatible with:
MWE Gold V2 550w / 650w / 750w / 850w / 1050w / 1250w
MWE Gold 550w / 650w / 750w
V Platinum 850w / 1000w / 1300w
V Gold 550w / 650w / 750w / 850w