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140mm Casefan (From C700M)

The original 140mm casefan used in the Cosmos C700M 1200 RPM 12V 0.18A 4 pin PWM Please note:This is an OEM product. Therefore no screws are included.

2 to 1 PWM cable

Make 2 PWM fans work as one with this 2 to 1 PWM cable. Originally used for the V6.

200mm fan (1000 RPM)

Standard 200mm fan black used in the Storm Trooper. 1000 RPM Compatible with all cases that include a 200mm fan Please note:This is an OEM product. Therefore no screws are included.

Backplate (with AM4 support)

Backplate suitable for sockets: 115X 1366 2011 2066 AM2 AM3 AM4 Please note: This is only the backplate. No screws are included.

Blizzard T410R RGB Fan 92mm

Original fan from the Blizzard T410R RGB Please note this cooler was never released in Europe but the fan also fits the TX3 for example.

Fan speed reducer

This resistor can be placed between the fan and where you connect the fan. It adds resistance to the fan which reduces the fan speed. About 13cm long 3 Pin Female to 4 Pin male Resistor 3W47OhmJ reduces RPM with +/- 15% Please note:Only to be used with 120mm & 140mm fans.Bigger fans have higher power consumption and can cause the cable to overheat.

Hyper 212 Black 120mm fan

Original fan from the Hyper 212 Black

HYPER 212 EVO ACCESSORIES PACK (New version,with AM4 but No socket 775)

Original toolkit for the 212Evo with AM4 support

Hyper H410R Toolbox

Original toolbox from the Hyper H410R

Hyper H41R Fan 92mm

The original fan from the Hyper H410R

K500L E500L Red led Fan (120mm)

Original Front Fan of the K500L and E500L (with Red leds)

Master Notepal USB hub

USB hub from the Master Notepal