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HAF 700 Evo Desktop Full Tower Case

To unlock their true potential, cooling components must work, not individually, but together as an ecosystem. The right case can do that for you.   HAF 700 EVO unveils a new era of thermal efficiency through unique features designed to transcend the standards of contemporary cooling solutions. Rediscover PC DIY: a form of entertainment, a polished skillset, an exquisite art form, and a way of living.

MasterFrame 700

Product Page MasterFrame 700

The MasterFrame 700 is a highly customizable open air frame that can convert between a showcase PC chassis or a highly flexible test bench. MasterFrame 700 features a 3 part design consisting of two side wings and a fully featured motherboard tray. Four specially designed friction hinges hold the side wings to the motherboard tray, allowing both full range of motion during assembly and stability when built, perfect for custom water cooling loops.

In open air frame mode , the MasterFrame 700 stands vertically to best display the components behind its panoramic tempered glass screen. The chassis offers an unmatched level of hardware compatibility, allowing for easy fitting of oversized components.

In test bench mode , the side wings can fold down towards the CPU socket and GPU areas to allow to localize the airflow to the components, especially useful when overclocking. The wings also serve as spots to hold triple fan radiators and other accessories, and thanks to their full range of mobility, swapping components while keeping the cooling solution in place is now easier than ever. MasterFrame 700 can be easily customized due to its teardown friendly design. Every component can be disassembled for custom paint jobs and modifications.