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HAF 912 Advanced Screw Pack

All screws required for installation for the HAF 912.

HAF 922 Accessory Kit

An accessory kit for the HAF 922. Part Name Q,ty Used For Stand-off 10 M/B tray #6-32 screw 8 Power Supply M3 screw 20 ODD, FDD, 3.5" Bracket M3 screw 12 M/B tray Cable tie 12 Cable Management FDD track 2 Installing 3.5" device Buzzer 1 Motherboard Speake

HAF X USB Card (only Internal version available)

The USB card originally used in the HAF X contains: 2x USB 3.0 (internal) 2x USB 2.0 1x IEEE 1394a 1x e-SATA 1x Audio 1x Mic Please note: There are 2 different versions; the new one will not fit in the old version top panel or the other way around.Currently only the new version is available. 700004261-GP = Old version (USB 3.0 External connector)700006840-GP = New version (USB 3.0 Internal connector) If you are uncertain if this product will fit your case, please contact us via Live Chat or [email protected]

HAF X/932 PCI Slot Cover

A PCI slot cover for the HAF 932 and HAF X case.SKU: 24.03.15

HAF XB Top panels (mesh version)

The original top panels for the HAF XB; mesh version

HAF XB Front Panel

The original front panel from HAF XB.
Please note: This panel does not include any switches or cables.

HAF XB HDD Bracket

A hot swappable HDD bracket for the HAF XB.

HAF XB Hotswap PCB (Revised)

The hotswap PCB (revised) for the HAF XB. (Old SKU:700006811-GP)

HAF XB I/O Panel

This original I/O Panel used in the HAF XB contains: 2x USB 3.0 (internal) 1x Audio (supports HD Audio) 1x Mic 1x Power Switch 1x Reset Switches 1x Power LED 1x HDD LED

HAF XB Left side panel

Original Left side panel from the HAF XB

HAF XB SSD rails (sold per 2)

2,5" SSD rails for the HAF XB. One set contains 2 pieces.

HAF XM HDD bracket

The original HDD bracket for the HAF XM. Old Sku: 621028290-GP