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ARGB Controller (Reset switch connectable)

This ARGB controller is originally included with the MB320L ARGB and can be connected to the reset switch of the PC. This allows you to switch colours with the reset switch of your PC.

K500L / E500L White led Fan (120mm)

Original Front Fan of the K500L (with white leds)

K500L E500L Red led Fan (120mm)

Original Front Fan of the K500L and E500L (with Red leds)

MasterBox 120mm Fan

Original fan used in the MasterBox 5 1200 +/_ 200RPM 3 Pin connector DC 12V 0,16A 120 x 120 x 25 mm No screws included!

MasterBox 360 Radiator bracket

This bracket will allow you to install a 360 Radiator in the front of the MasterBox. No screws included!

MasterBox 5 / H500 PSU Cover

PSU Cover originally used in the MasterBox 5 and MasterCase H500

MasterBox 5 / MasterCase 5 front mesh 5,25"

5,25" Front mesh for the MasterBox 5 and MasterCase 5

H500 / MasterBox 5 Black Foot

Original foot of the MasterBox and H500; color black Rubber pads not included (available under number 710007050-GP)

MasterBox 5 Front panel

Front panel for the MasterBox 5

This version has a mesh panel with 2x 5,25" bays

I/O panel and cables included


MasterBox 5 Full front panel mesh

Mesh panel for the front of the MasterBox 5 This version is for the full front and does not have 5,25" bay support! Also compatible with the MasterBox Pro 5

MasterBox 5 HDD Cage with side support

HDD cage for the MasterBox 5 with side support

MasterBox 5 I/O panel

I/O panel for the MasterBox 5; cables are included