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Notebook Cooling

Master Notepal USB hub

USB hub from the Master Notepal

Notepal fans (3x) (Not for the U3!)

Fans for the Notepal; 3 fans, 1 connection. Models: R9-NBC-AWCS-GP R9-NBC-AWCK-GP R9-NBC-AWCT-GP R9-NBC-AWBK-GP R9-NBC-AWBS-GP

Notepal U3 PLUS Fans

Add extra fans to your Notepal U series.
3 x 80mm fan on 1 USB connector with speed control.

Dimensions: 80x80x10mm
Speed: 950~1,800 RPM ±15% (with speed control)
Noise level: 21 – 23 dBA
Bearing type: Rifle Bearing
Fan Life Expectancy: 40000 hours
Rated Voltage: 5VDC
Application: Notepal U1/U2/U3 (PLUS)

Notepal Ustand Fans

Original fans for the Notepal U stand. Specifications: Dimension: 100 x 100 x 15mm fan x2 Speed: 1200(+-15%) R.P.M. Fan Airflow: 70 CFM Noise level: 21 dBA Power Consumption: 0.36A, 1.8W Rated Voltage: USB 5VDC 2 Pin connector