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2 to 1 PWM cable

Make 2 PWM fans work as one with this 2 to 1 PWM cable. Originally used for the V6.

3,5" drive rail

Metal 3,5" drive rail Convert a 5,25" drive bay to a 3,5" drive bay. Please note: No front is included. SKU:610030380-GP

3,5" USB 3.0 Bracket

A 3,5" USB 3.0 bracket. Both 3.5" and 5.25" drive bay can be installed (adapter needed for 5.25") Transfer rate of up to 5G bps w / USB 3.0 Compatible with USB 2.0 Supports full tower chassis, (cable length - 750mm)

5 pin to 3x SATA 90A (Modular / Flatcable)

5 pin to 3x SATA 90A (Modular/Flatcable).

5 pin to MOLEX (Modular / Flat cable)

A 5-pin to MOLEX flat cable.

ARGB Controller (Reset switch connectable)

This ARGB controller is originally included with the MB320L ARGB and can be connected to the reset switch of the PC. This allows you to switch colours with the reset switch of your PC.

Fan screws (sold per 4)

Fan screwsWire tapping screws Sold per 4 pieces SKU: 150002670-GP

Fan speed reducer

This resistor can be placed between the fan and where you connect the fan. It adds resistance to the fan which reduces the fan speed. About 13cm long 3 Pin Female to 4 Pin male Resistor 3W47OhmJ reduces RPM with +/- 15% Please note:Only to be used with 120mm & 140mm fans.Bigger fans have higher power consumption and can cause the cable to overheat.

Filter Sheet

Can't find the right size filter for your PC or Casemod? Now you can make it the right size yourself, any size you want. "Soft" dust filter sheets originally used in several cases (5,25" mesh/front panels).Ideal for dusty environments.Available Sizes: +/- 100x100cm Sku:621022000-GP

HDD LED (2) (Blue)

A HDD LED with cable.Size of the LED: 3mm Led color is blue

HDD rails (new)

New version HDD rails.With anti vibration pads.One set contains 2 pieces. These can also be used for the Trooper and Stryker HDD cage but it's not a perfect fit! There is a few mm play in up/down and forward/backward direction; holding pin is in the correct position though and will keep the HDD from sliding out.

MCX-0005 Front Fan Screw (Sold per 4!)

Fan screws used for the front fan of the Mastercase 5 and H500.
Sold per 4!
These are meant for fans with a thickness of 25mm