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MCX-0005 rear Fan Screw (Sold per 4!)

Standard black fan screws used on the rear fan of the Mastercase 5. Sold per 4!

MCX-0005 Thumb screw (Sold per 4!)

Thumbscrews used on the Mastercase 5. Sold per 4!

MCX-0005 Top cover screw (Sold per 4!)

Screws used for fastening the Top fan bracket of the Mastercase 5. Sold per 4!

PCI-E 6 pin to 2x (6+2) pin (Modular / Flat cable)

Original cable for the V850, V1000 and V1200.
*Please make sure to verify compatibility with your PSU.

Power LED (2)

A Power LED with cable.Size of the LED: 3mm

Scout II/Silencio 550 PSU filter

This power supply (PSU) filter fits in both the Scout II and the Silencio 550.

SSD Bracket

This SSD bracket allows you to fit two SSD's into just one bracket. Possible to mount in each 3,5" bay (screws might be required for installation).Please note:The HDD bracket is not included.

Standard USB Card

This standard USB card contains. 2x USB 2.0 1x MIC 1x HD Audio 1x IEEE 1394a Compatible with: Centurion 5, 534, 590 RC-63x series CM-690 Ammo (533) Elite 330

TD500 Side panel thumb screw (sold per 4)

Thumscrews originally used on the side panel of the MasterBox TD500 Size: 6-32*10mm

Toolles Fan Rivet (sold per 4)

Toolles Fan Rivets (sold per 4)

Voltage adapter

A molex to 3Pin 5V/7V/12V adapter for the Eisberg Water Cooling. Choose your Eisberg performance based on your own needs: Voltage Noise in dB(A) Pump Speed 12V 41 dB(A) 3600 RPM 7V 31,7 dB(A) 2500 RPM 5V 24,2 dB(A) 2000 RPM

Wavemaster USB Card

This USB card originally produced for the Wavemaster, Praetorian series, contains: 2x USB 2.0 1x MIC 1x Audio 1x IEEE 1394a SKU: 610005565-GP