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HDD rails (new)

New version HDD rails.With anti vibration pads.One set contains 2 pieces. These can also be used for the Trooper and Stryker HDD cage but it's not a perfect fit! There is a few mm play in up/down and forward/backward direction; holding pin is in the correct position though and will keep the HDD from sliding out.

MCX-0005 rear Fan Screw (Sold per 4!)

Standard black fan screws used on the rear fan of the Mastercase 5. Sold per 4!

MCX-0005 Thumb screw (Sold per 4!)

Thumbscrews used on the Mastercase 5. Sold per 4!

MCX-0005 Top cover screw (Sold per 4!)

Screws used for fastening the Top fan bracket of the Mastercase 5. Sold per 4!

PCI-E 6 pin to 2x(6+2) pin (Modular/Flat cable)

PCI-E 6-pin to 2x(6+2)-pin cable (Modular/Flat) original cable from the V850, V1000 and V1200 Please note: This cable is NOT compatible with the MasterWatt series!

Power LED (2)

A Power LED with cable.Size of the LED: 3mm

Side panel screw

Side panel screw used to hold the windowed panel in place on several models of cases SKU: 152001020-GP

SSD Bracket

This SSD bracket allows you to fit two SSD's into just one bracket. Possible to mount in each 3,5" bay (screws might be required for installation).Please note:The HDD bracket is not included.

Standard USB Card

This standard USB card contains. 2x USB 2.0 1x MIC 1x HD Audio 1x IEEE 1394a Compatible with: Centurion 5, 534, 590 RC-63x series CM-690 Ammo (533) Elite 330

TD500 Side panel thumb screw (sold per 4)

Thumscrews originally used on the side panel of the MasterBox TD500 Size: 6-32*10mm

Toolles Fan Rivet (sold per 4)

Toolles Fan Rivets (sold per 4)

Voltage adapter

A molex to 3Pin 5V/7V/12V adapter for the Eisberg Water Cooling. Choose your Eisberg performance based on your own needs: Voltage Noise in dB(A) Pump Speed 12V 41 dB(A) 3600 RPM 7V 31,7 dB(A) 2500 RPM 5V 24,2 dB(A) 2000 RPM