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Fan screws (sold per 4)

Fan screwsWire tapping screws Sold per 4 pieces SKU: 150002670-GP

MCX-0005 Front Fan Screw (Sold per 4!)

Fan screws used for the front fan of the Mastercase 5 and H500.
Sold per 4!
These are meant for fans with a thickness of 25mm

MCX-0005 rear Fan Screw (Sold per 4!)

Standard black fan screws used on the rear fan of the Mastercase 5. Sold per 4!

MCX-0005 Thumb screw (Sold per 4!)

Thumbscrews used on the Mastercase 5. Sold per 4!

MCX-0005 Top cover screw (Sold per 4!)

Screws used for fastening the Top fan bracket of the Mastercase 5. Sold per 4!

TD500 Side panel thumb screw (sold per 4)

Thumscrews originally used on the side panel of the MasterBox TD500 Size: 6-32*10mm

Toolles Fan Rivet (sold per 4)

Toolles Fan Rivets (sold per 4)

Windowed Side Panel - Screw

Side panel screw used to hold the windowed panel in place on several models of cases.