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We continue to support our community with an ever growing range of spare parts and extras. If you're looking for a part but can't find it listed on the store, let us know at [email protected] and our support team will get back to you shortly.

140mm Casefan (From C700M)

The original 140mm casefan used in the Cosmos C700M 1200 RPM 12V 0.18A 4 pin PWM Please note:This is an OEM product. Therefore no screws are included.

2 to 1 PWM cable

Make 2 PWM fans work as one with this 2 to 1 PWM cable. Originally used for the V6.

200mm ARGB Fan (White) - MasterCase H500

Fan Size: 200mm
Fan Speed: 800RPM
Connector: 3 Pin
Led Color: ARGB

200mm fan (1000 RPM)

Standard 200mm fan black used in the Storm Trooper. 1000 RPM Compatible with all cases that include a 200mm fan Please note:This is an OEM product. Therefore no screws are included.

24 to 20 pin connector

A 24 to 20-pin connector.

3,5" drive rail

Metal 3,5" drive rail Convert a 5,25" drive bay to a 3,5" drive bay. Please note: No front is included. SKU:610030380-GP

3,5" USB 3.0 Bracket

A 3,5" USB 3.0 bracket. Both 3.5" and 5.25" drive bay can be installed (adapter needed for 5.25") Transfer rate of up to 5G bps w / USB 3.0 Compatible with USB 2.0 Supports full tower chassis, (cable length - 750mm)

5 pin to 3x SATA 90A (Modular / Flatcable)

5 pin to 3x SATA 90A (Modular/Flatcable).

5 pin to MOLEX (Modular / Flat cable)

A 5-pin to MOLEX flat cable.

5,25" SATA X-Dock (2)

The X-Dock originally used in the Silencio 550 & Elite 431.3,5" HDD Hotswap.Will fit in each 5,25" drive bay.

MasterBox 5 HDD Cage with side support

HDD cage for the MasterBox 5 with side support

8 pin to 8 (4+4) pin CPU power cable (MasterWatt Maker)

Original CPU power cable from the MasterWatt Maker