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We continue to support our community with an ever growing range of spare parts and extras. If you're looking for a part but can't find it listed on the store, let us know at [email protected] and our support team will get back to you shortly.

140mm Casefan (From C700M)

The original 140mm casefan used in the Cosmos C700M 1200 RPM 12V 0.18A 4 pin PWM Please note:This is an OEM product. Therefore no screws are included.

2 to 1 PWM cable

Make 2 PWM fans work as one with this 2 to 1 PWM cable. Originally used for the V6.

200mm ARGB Fan (White) - MasterCase H500

Fan Size: 200mm
Fan Speed: 800RPM
Connector: 3 Pin
Led Color: ARGB

200mm fan (1000 RPM)

Standard 200mm fan black used in the Storm Trooper. 1000 RPM Compatible with all cases that include a 200mm fan Please note:This is an OEM product. Therefore no screws are included.

3,5" drive rail

Metal 3,5" drive rail Convert a 5,25" drive bay to a 3,5" drive bay. Please note: No front is included. SKU:610030380-GP

3,5" USB 3.0 Bracket

A 3,5" USB 3.0 bracket. Both 3.5" and 5.25" drive bay can be installed (adapter needed for 5.25") Transfer rate of up to 5G bps w / USB 3.0 Compatible with USB 2.0 Supports full tower chassis, (cable length - 750mm)

5 pin to 3x SATA 90A (Modular / Flatcable)

5 pin to 3x SATA 90A (Modular/Flatcable).

5 pin to MOLEX (Modular / Flat cable)

A 5-pin to MOLEX flat cable.

5,25" SATA X-Dock (2)

The X-Dock originally used in the Silencio 550 & Elite 431.3,5" HDD Hotswap.Will fit in each 5,25" drive bay.

8 pin to 8 (4+4) pin CPU power cable (MasterWatt Maker)

Original CPU power cable from the MasterWatt Maker

8 pin to 8 pin CPU power cable (Modular; model 1)

8 pin to 8 pin CPU power cable (Modular)
SKU: 715001300-GP (V850, V1000 and V1200)
SKU: 715006340-GP (MWE gold 850 V2) Same pin layout but different SKU.
Will also fit MasterWatt Full modular.

AMD AM4 Upgrade kit Air1 (RR-ACCY-AM4B-R1)

This Cooler Master AMD AM4 upgrade kit can be used to enable selected cooling products to work with the new AMD Ryzen processors. It is available free of charge, simply pay the shipping fees to receive it. Compatibility: MasterAir Pro 4 MasterAir Pro 3 Hyper 412 Series Hyper 212 EVO Hyper 212 X Hyper 212 Plus For other models, additional upgrade kits will be coming soon. For more information please check our live chat support, or get in touch. Note: Limited to one per person while stocks last. For multiple units contact us.