Full Transparent Side Window Panel for MasterCase 3 Series - [Customizable!]

A full-length transparent side panel for the MasterCase 3 series, allowing you to customize your case and replace the original panel which comes installed as standard.

This side panel also comes with the option to add custom laser engraving! Check below for details and template to add your custom design.

Custom orders ship out within 4 days.
Availability: Out of stock

Choose a standard panel or optional laser engraving.

Please download the template file here (PSD / PNG), customize, and upload your copy. 



  • Full transparent side panel MasterCase 3 series.
  • Plug & play fitting (magnet).
  • Compatible with PSU covers sold on official CM online stores.
  • Customizable laser engraving optional

Custom Designs:

With our new laser engraving service you can add custom designs to your side window panel. Either choose from one of the templates, or truly make it your own by uploading your custom design.

With custom designs we'll take your design, laser engrave it onto your window panel and ship it directly to you. Average time for this service is +2 prior to shipping. To speed up the process, please check these notes:

  • Laser engraving will appear white, so designs need to be in monochrome.
  • Simple designs will have better results. Fine lines and intricate shapes may not always be clear.
  • Feel free to contact us at store@coolermaster.com with any questions.

Custom design template: PSD (recommended): Click to download. PNG: Click to download.

For any questions or more information contact us at store@coolermaster.com.tw 



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