MasterCase 5系列全透明側窗板 - 5mm厚

A full-length transparent side panel for the MasterCase 5 and MasterCase 6 series, allowing you to customize your case and replace the original panel which comes installed as standard.

This side panel also comes with the option to add custom laser engraving! Check below for details and template to add your custom design.

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Choose a standard panel or optional laser engraving.

Please download the template file here (PSD / PNG), customize, and upload your copy. 


為MasterCase 5系列提供更厚,更堅固,全長的透明側面板,您可以客製化您的外殼並更換原本安裝的原始面板。 特點:MasterCase 5系列全透明側面板。 厚度增加,5mm透明壓克力。 即插即用(磁鐵)。 與官方CM線上商店銷售的PSU面板兼容。


MasterCase 5 系列PSU 面板 - Maker Made

和 MasterCase 5 全透明側窗面板一起使用的訂製PSU 面板,讓您能夠展示內部的零件,同時隱藏PSU線材。

MasterCase Maker 5t

In a new aggressive outlook, you still get all of the goodies of our MasterCase Maker line with the FreeForm™ Modular System. Don't get in the driver's seat – just stand and admire the metallic red finish, dual tempered glass panels, Trooper-inspired rubber handle, and red LED glow.

This product ships from: SG, HK, TW.
For shipping to other regions please get in touch.



MasterCase 5 系列配件-磁吸式頂板上蓋套件


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