MasterCase Pro 6 (Red LED)

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Make of It
What You Will
MasterCase Pro 6
Subtle and Sleek
For A Versatile Setup
Check on the video to see more on what this case has to offer.
Clean and Elegant
When modularity meets simplicity
With an elegant outlook, this modular case is for the ones valuing simplicity. It comes with our FreeFormTM Modular System Technology allowing user to adjust, customize and upgrade your pc case. With smooth, flush panels and a large side window, this case will complement softer and more refined home, gaming and office setups.
Pop your panels up
Discreet Air Vents
Thin vents on four corners of the case provide ventilation. Pop the top and front panels up slightly for even more cooling options. With a convenient magnetic system, feel free to increase the airflow or simply remove your panels for easy access to your fans.
Pop your panels up for increased airflow
Hide your cables
Removable Rear Panel


Get a cleaner look by hiding your messy cables into the removable rear panel.

Power Your PC Build


Just go ahead and deck it out. The MasterCase: it’s up to you what you make of it.

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