MasterMouse Pro L White Covers

White magnetic covers for your MasterMouse Pro L - Simply remove the original black covers and attach new ones. Great for easily changing the outlook of your mouse, or even for custom modding.

MasterMouse Pro L -可拆式雙手通用電競滑鼠

快換上MasterMouse Pro L 滑鼠來客製化您的側邊和頂蓋,不管是任何遊戲方式,霧面的表面處理、符合人體工學的輪廓設計,都可以滿足最高需求的玩家。 搭配高達12000 DPI的Avago光學感應器,1670萬色的多彩RGB背光機能以及簡單好用的軟體工具,讓您能夠輕鬆自定和同步任何配色方案。

MasterKeys Pro S - White LED (MX Brown Switch)

The MasterKeys Pro S Intelligent White keyboard delivers the brightest white LED backlighting with the best responsive feeling that gamers have come to love. Get multiple lighting modes, on-the-fly macros, profile support, and CHERRY MX switches - all in a compact form factor design that saves you space without losing functionality. For those looking for a crisp, clearer white that an RGB keyboard cannot deliver, the MasterKeys Pro S Intelligent White is for you.

Cooler Master Wrist Rest (Size S)

Equip your first grade gear with a first grade accessory and let your hands enjoy maximum comfort.

This MasterAccessory Wrist Rest was specially designed for the keyboards of MasterKeys series. The soft foam pillow provides protection from injuries that may result from prolonged work or gaming sessions and lowers physical fatigue. The soft surface is backed by a rubberized base that makes the wrist rest sit steadily on any table.

When using the wrist rest on a daily basis simply wash it in your hands and start again with a clean slate.

Also available in large size


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