Single Color LED Strips - 2 per pack

Make your case shine with our Single Color LED Strips. Select the color you like: red, white blue or green, and easily place them thanks to their convenient magnetic surface. No matter what pc build you make, these become an essential accessory for enhancing your build.

Two strips are included in each pack.



Product Name: Universal Single Color LED Strip
Material: Acrylic Aluminium, Magnet
Dimensions: 263 x 12 x 7.8 mm 
Input Voltage: DC 12v
Installation: Magnetic
Power Consumption: 4W
Cable Length 400mm
Warranty 1 year




MasterCase 5系列配件-鋼化玻璃側板


MasterFan Pro 120 平衡型

一個搞定所有問題的理想風扇是不存在的。為了滿足您機殼不同的散熱需求,三款 MasterFan Pro 系列中的風扇均提供了特定空冷用途的解決方案,並區分不同等級來導入我們獨家的噪音吸收技術。


MasterCase Maker 5 FreeForm™ 模組化系統

引領機殼技術全新潮流,搭載獨家 FreeForm 模組化系統的 MasterCase 系列機殼,不僅帶來無可比擬的升級彈性,並可透過額外的上蓋與門板配件,調整外觀質感、散熱表現以及安裝彈性。

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