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CK551 - Cherry MX Red

CK551为CK5系列产品,搭载德国原厂CHERRY MX樱桃机械轴体,USB接入方式下支持全键无冲;金属感十足的铝制拉丝面板上盖搭配原厂PBT双色键帽更加经久耐用,不易打油磨损;第二代卫星轴,大键直接清脆;键盘预设多媒体与Windows常用快捷键;高达22种可选酷炫RGB灯光模式可供选择。

ATX 24 Pin 90 Degree Adapter

With this accessory, a new set of cable management options become possible. Depending on your case’s layout, being able to connect the main power cable from your PSU to your motherboard at a 90° angle will allow you to change the way you handle your system’s cable management in numerous ways.

Cooler Master Riser Card

A high quality PCI-3 x16 gen 3 riser card for vertical GPU mounting.

Length: 17cm

Note: NOT suitable for H500P default Vertical PCI slots.
NT$600 NT$890

1-to-3 RGB Splitter Cable

The 1-to-3 RGB Splitter Cables allow users to extend multiple RGB LED fans and strips to build up aesthetically beautiful lighting systems.

With standard 4-pin RGB header that is also capable of connecting to 5-pin header without an adapter, and the length of 58 cm, you can get the lighting that you want with none of the hassle.
NT$240 NT$330

MasterFan Pro 120 - RGB - Air Pressure

Fan blade design inspired by helicopters. They move the air less distance but pack more force into the space in front of the fan. Designed for Builders with RGB-enabled PCs, you can feel the flow with full color fun, and perfect match your PC's theme. The MasterFan Pro series is fitted with multiple layers of our exclusive noise reduction technologies and a perfect blend of fan blade design that put together work in harmony to cool your entire case and its components in silence
NT$600 NT$849

Backlit PSU Cover for MasterCase 5 Series - Maker Made - [Customizable!]

A custom-made, backlit PSU cover for use with the MasterCase 5 Full Transparent Side Window case mod, letting you showcase your internal hardware while hiding PSU cables from view.

Backlight color options now available! After placing an order for custom text/designs we will contact you to check which choice of backlight you want:

-Other colors by request

This PSU cover is made by master modder Irie Ahmad , and includes white back-lighting to illuminate the lettering, and acrylic window.

Back in stock!

Note: Due to popular demand this product can now be shipped internationally!

Compatible with: MasterCase 5/Pro 5/Maker 5/Maker 5t cases.


MasterKeys MK750 (US ver.)

The MK750 is a pro-grade mechanical gaming keyboard for the straightforward gamer. Minimalistic design with sleek profile includes a removable magnetic wrist rest for superior comfort during long gaming sessions. The RGB lightbar surrounding the keyboard offers lighting for added ambience. The MK750 is fully loaded with practical features to ensure success on the battlefield, with Cherry MX Switches for responsiveness, durability, and tactile satisfaction. Additionally, On-the-Fly controls, dedicated multimedia keys, and hybrid key rollover ensure your keyboard doesn't get in the way of your fights.