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● The MH751 gaming headset offers high quality sound with high comfort fit for your longest battle Royale sessions

● 40 millimeter neodymium drivers provide full, balanced 2.0 sound for total immersion and full situational awareness of your surroundings

● The Omni directional boom mic keeps communication in your squad crystal clear while reducing any annoying background noise

● Additionally, the earcups provide a combination of comfort, with plush cushions, leatherette pads, and swiveling base to keep you fighting for hours at a time

● Superior in comfort and sound, The MH751 is your choice for extended gaming sessions



● Unprecedented Comfort - Plush cushioning, leatherette padding, and swiveling cups result in a new level of comfort

● Multi-Platform Compatibility - Choose between 3.5mm or USB to connect to PCs, consoles, and most mobile devices

● Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound - USB sound card enables an expanded soundstage for situational awareness ideal for those seeking a victory royale

● Premium Sound Quality - 40mm Neodymium drivers create a fuller, more balance soundstage for all games

● Crazy Good Communication - Omni-directional boom mic keeps your communications crystal clear while simultaneously reducing any background noise



● 50mm Neodymium Drivers
● Hi-fi Sound with Onboard Sound Card
● Kink-Free Extended PVC Cable
● PU Leather Ear Cups
● Omni-directional Boom Mic
● 6-color LED Illumination
● USB Connection
● Compatible with PC & Notebook
● Compatible with Xbox One S,PS4™, PS4™ Pro


●Form-Fitting Cushioning - Removable swiveling ear cups and mesh fabric cushioning for breathability and comfort for the longest gaming sessions
●High-Quality Audio - Virtual 7 1 surround sound 50mm Neodymium drivers and omnidirectional boom mic for crystal clear sound quality on both ends
●Ambient RGB Illumination - Customize your lightshows via software and add personality to your gaming headset
●Single USB Connectivity - One USB cable reduces tangle potential making it ideal for both PC and PS4
●Easy Portability - Detachable cable & mic with folding hinges for easy on-the-go storage in a backpack or bag
●Convenient Control - Easily adjust volume mute mic RGB colors and 7 1 surround sound with buttons directly on the headset connectivity technology: Wired