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Keyboard/Mouse Combo

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MasterSet MS121

The MasterSet MS121 is your first step to grown-man gaming, with two tools to help you elevate your skills.

It includes a durable keyboard outfitted with Mem-chanical Clicky switches, which abandon the mushiness of membranes for the clicky satisfaction of mechanical keyboards. It also comes with a equally decked out mouse to last you through your heated skirmishes, with an Pixartoptical sensor, adjustable DPI settings on-the-fly and side buttons. Add in RGB capability for looks and easy multimedia keys for convenience, and you have everything in your arsenal to go on a killing streak.
NT$2190 NT$2400

MasterSet MS120

The MasterSet MS120 is a keyboard/mouse combo with the durability and features normally found in pro-grade hardware. The tactile keyboard and the precision mouse are both quality tools to elevate your gaming aspirations.

MasterKeys Lite L Combo RGB

The MasterKeys Lite L Combo with RGB gives you two gaming devices with incredible features.
NT$1890 NT$2090

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