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Edifier - E25

Edifier e25 - 聲學結合外型設計 為您獻上極致工藝

e25的外型,正面看起來為橢圓型,側面看來讓人想到日蝕的樣子,這也是英文名字「Luna Eclipse」的由來。
NT$5390 NT$6290

Edifier - Prisma Encore E3360BT

從外形來看,EDIFIER e3360BT前衛時尚的外觀造型便能讓人眼前一亮。e3360BT的設計靈感,源自於高端的海上遊艇,創意前衛,造型時尚,由內而外彰顯出不凡品味。外殼則經過了UV硬化工藝處理,在使用過程中更加耐劃、耐磨,極大的提高了音箱的自身品質。考究的烤漆技術和高光處理效果,不僅看起來賞心悅目,更能體現出高品位、高品質的休閒娛樂方式和生活態度。

MasterKeys Lite L Combo RGB

The MasterKeys Lite L Combo with RGB gives you two gaming devices with incredible features.
NT$1890 NT$2090

MasterKeys Pro S - White LED (MX Blue Switch)

The MasterKeys Pro S Intelligent White keyboard delivers the brightest white LED backlighting with the best responsive feeling that gamers have come to love. Get multiple lighting modes, on-the-fly macros, profile support, and CHERRY MX switches - all in a compact form factor design that saves you space without losing functionality. For those looking for a crisp, clearer white that an RGB keyboard cannot deliver, the MasterKeys Pro S Intelligent White is for you.

MasterMouse MM520

The MasterMouse MM520 is the successor to the Spawn gaming mouse, improved further for claw grip gamers. Reinforced rubber side grip and a ring finger rest ensure long-lasting comfort during the most heated RTS matches.

Our hardware is custom-tailored for the high-speed actions of a first-person shooter or a real-time strategy games, with a Pixart 3360 sensor with 12000 DPI and Omron switches to ensure lag-free precision and input during the longest skirmishes. With performance and comfort, this is a deadly tool in your gaming arsenal.
NT$990 NT$1290

MasterMouse MM530

The MasterMouse MM530 is the worthy successor to the CM Storm Mizar - this time upgraded for the serious gamer.

It features sleek ergonomic styling with molding and side grips ideal for palm grippers. It also has the hardware features to match, with a precise Pixart 3360 lag-free 1:1 input, on-the-fly DPI adjustments up to 12000, and Omron switches for rugged durability. Well-balanced and packed with features, this a gaming mouse custom-tailored for high-action competition in first-person shooters.

MK750 (US VER.)

The MK750 is a pro-grade mechanical gaming keyboard for the straightforward gamer. Minimalistic design with sleek profile includes a removable magnetic wrist rest for superior comfort during long gaming sessions. The RGB lightbar surrounding the keyboard offers lighting for added ambience. The MK750 is fully loaded with practical features to ensure success on the battlefield, with Cherry MX Switches for responsiveness, durability, and tactile satisfaction. Additionally, On-the-Fly controls, dedicated multimedia keys, and hybrid key rollover ensure your keyboard doesn't get in the way of your fights.

WR530 S

The WR530 Wrist Rest is a premium accessory, specially designed for MasterKeys keyboards. It enhances your performance, featuring soft cushioning that redistributes the weight of your wrist for prolonged comfort. The rest is composed of low-friction cloth with water-resistant coating for anti-irritation and anti-odor, while a rubberized base prevents slipping, so your wrists stay comfortable through even the longest wars.

MasterAccessory MP510 (Extra large)

The MP510 Gaming Mouse Pad is an upgrade in every sense of the word, adding skill points to durability, accuracy, and performance. The key is in the special Cordura® fabric, which delivers responsiveness, durability, and water resistance. No need to worry about sweat, tears, and energy drinks nerfing your performance. Designed for the perfect balance of speed and control, the anti-fray stitching of the MP510 prevents pesky peeling. Sturdy and built to last, the MP510 is your exotic gear of chocie on the battlefield.


The MH710 is a first in pro gaming: a pair of snug earbuds on the same level as a gaming headset. The earbuds come packed with features that focus on enhancing a gamer’s experience. That includes hi-fi quality, a wide variety of custom fitting options, and exclusive Focus FX 2.0 technology for an incredibly versatile soundstage that can adapt to your environment. Perfect for the Nintendo Switch™, the MH710 proves that big sound can come from small packages.


Control is the name of the game with the ergonomic MM830 gaming mouse. We pack this top-of-the-line gaming mouse with all the beefy specs and high-performance features you need to secure a flawless victory. That includes the standards like ultra-precise optical sensor and supremely durable housing and buttons - but we’ve added even more, like a customizable OLED and integrated D-pad for fast access to your most vital skills. Flashy and full-featured, the MM830 is the weapon of choice for those who want to carry their team to victory.

WR530 L


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