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Edifier - E25

Edifier e25 - 聲學結合外型設計 為您獻上極致工藝

e25的外型,正面看起來為橢圓型,側面看來讓人想到日蝕的樣子,這也是英文名字「Luna Eclipse」的由來。


Superior Comfort - Swiveling cups, plush cushions, and leatherette padding. The only way it could be more comfortable is if they were marshmallows.
Connects to Anything You Can Game On - 3.5mm standard jack is compatible with PC, PS4, XBox, and even most mobile setups.
Sound Quality to Match - 40mm Neodymium drivers give the kind of full, balanced sound only found in movie theaters.
Crystal-Clear Comms - An omni-directional boom mic reduces background noise and isolates your voice.
As Portable as It Gets - Detachable cable and mic, and a foldable design means you can take your marathon sessions on the go.
$79.99 $89.99


Unprecedented Comfort - Plush cushioning, leatherette padding, and swiveling cups result in a new level of comfort.
Multi-Platform Compatibility - Choose between 3.5mm or USB to connect to PCs, consoles, and most mobile devices.
Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound - USB sound card enables an expanded soundstage for situational awareness ideal for those seeking a victory royale.
Premium Sound Quality - 40mm Neodymium drivers create a fuller, more balance soundstage for all games.
Crazy Good Communication - Omni-directional boom mic keeps your communications crystal clear while simultaneously reducing any background noise .