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The "Cool Your Jets, Turbo" Bundle

We know you love cooling, and we know you love this case. So we're offering you the ability to DIY a case/PSU/cooling bundle - because hey, if we did it ourselves, you'd probably complain about it anyway. So get out there and Make It Yours.
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H500P Mesh
V650 Gold V750 Gold V850 Platinum
Hyper 212 Black RGB
MasterGel 90 Degree PSU Adapter
$255.00 $325.00

The "Gremlin" Bundle

***This bundle will ship on the 30th of September***

If you already preordered but you want to order this bundle, email

You asked for it folks. A MM710 Bundle. There are only limited quantities for this bundle so get em fast.
If you want we've added an option to ship out your keyboard and add ons before the mouse for $10 dollars. You can always wait to get them all together.

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MK730 CK552
MP750 MP860
$90.00 $130.00