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MasterCase H500

-Mesh and Transparent Options Included
-Two 200mm RGB Fans and Controller
-Clear View Inside
-Radiator Support
-Covers for Clean Building
-Top Magnetic Filter
-Case Handle for Transport

MasterCase H500P

The MasterCaseH500P will blow you away with its looks and performance.

Two impressive 200mm RGB fans in the front and two optional 200mm fans on the top will provide all the airflow you need. Armed with a tinted tempered glass side panel and transparent top and front panels, your RGB fans will shine bright and true.

MasterBox Q300P

The MasterBoxQ300P is your portable option in the lineup of the brand new MasterBoxQ-series from Cooler Master. A series that might be small in size but excels in functionality and modularity without compromising on the thermal performance.

Four removable handles and the Dark Mirror front and top panels makes the chassis easy to transport and stands out from the rest.

Although the size wouldn’t tell, the MasterBoxQ300P supports a standard ATX PSU which we don’t see often in the market with this size.

MasterBox Lite 3.1 TG

The MasterBox Lite 3.1 TG mATXCase is your straightforward option for your PC build that doesn't ignore good looks, customization, or performance.

A sleek Dark Mirror front panel and three custom trim colors (included in the box) offer a great first entry point for customization. The compact chassis with spacious interior features black coating that gives the case a luxury look. Additionally, it comes with an edge to edge4mm thick tempered glass side panel to show your internal components. And with support for up to 3 cooling fans and a watercooling system, we ensure your performance will not suffer.


COSMOS II 25th Anniversary Edition

Dual curved tempered glass side panel – both sides come with beautifully crafted side panels that blend seamlessly with the contours of the case.
"Hybrid metal structure – the case is made from a steel frame added with an aluminum motherboard tray and partition plate for a premium touch abd Solid brushed aluminum handles "
"Airflow optimized design – following the cosmos tradition of providing the best performance due to the front and top with high airflow designed mesh. "
Stylish and streamlined race-car inspired Look – the design has preserved the flagship Look to value and respect the cosmos tradition.
Blue LED ambient lighting – emphasize the beauty of your components with a discrete Blue glow from the LED fans or LED strip.
$249.99 $299.99

MasterBox MB530P

3 Tempered Glass Panels
Addressable RGB Fans
ARGB Lighting Control
Cooling Support
Graphics Card Support


AISING THE BAR(S) Highly Versatile Layout Graphics Card Mounting with Riser Cable Addressable RGB Lighting Extensive Cable Cover System Aluminum Panels & Handles Versatile Liquid Cooling Support Rich Connectivity Curved Tempered Glass Side Panel

Single Color LED Strips - 2 per pack - Red (2 Pin)

Make your case shine with our Single Color LED Strips. Select the color you like: red, white blue or green, and easily place them thanks to their convenient magnetic surface. No matter what pc build you make, these become an essential accessory for enhancing your build.

Two strips are included in each pack.

MasterCase H100

Compact Mini-ITX – A highly compact layout efficiently uses space to keep dimensions minimized.
Fine Mesh Ventilation – The entire front panel and part of the top panel features fine mesh, achieving efficient airflow while also filtering out dust.
200mm RGB Fan – Even with compact dimensions, the H-Series’ iconic 200mm RGB fan is included for optimal cooling.
ATX Power Supply – Full-sized ATX power supplies are supported to improve hardware compatibility and ensure efficient power to the system.
Built-In Handle – A handle is built into the top panel for added portability and on-the-go gaming.
RGB Lighting Control – One RGB controller is included in the accessory pack. If the motherboard does not support the RGB control function, the RESET button can control the RGB lighting directly from the I/O panel

MasterCase SL600M

The MasterCaseSL600M

Clad in sand-blasted aluminum, the MasterCase SL600M is the centerpiece of the workspace, with the performance capability of housing a gaming setup. Although gaming cases generally look out of place in a professional environment, the MasterCaseSL600M keeps both professionalism and performance intact while also taking on noise reduction and airflow.

The MasterCaseSL600M addresses both noise reduction and thermal efficiency; gaming can become quieter while noise reduction can run cooler. By fusing together the method of cooling with the method of noise-reduction, the MasterCaseSL600M enables components to run efficiently for work, for play, and for everything in between

$169.99 $249.99

MasterBox MB511 RGB

Mesh front panel
Performance intake
Rgb LED fans
Rgb lighting control
Cooling support

MasterCase MC500Mt

The MasterCase MC500Mt advances beyond the concept of a standard build by offering the option to completely swap and readjust the case’s form and functionality. With multiple interior and exterior looks, ample space, customized accessories and our inspired Trooper model’s handle for convenient transportation, you can have a PC exactly the way you want it. Have the best of both worlds with our FreeForm™ Modularity System. Customize, adjust and upgrade with this easy to carry, two-tone case.
$179.99 $199.99

MasterBox Q500L

Minimized dimensions for standard ATX – the Master Box Q500L supports standard ATX motherboards and plus, with a body depth and Height of only 386 x 381mm
Fully perforated chassis – the top, front, rear, and bottom panels are fully perforated to offer airflow for various fan configurations
Movable I/O panel – orientation for the chassis is versatile, with the option to move the I/O panel to 6 different locations
Vertical and Horizontal position – the case can be oriented vertically or horizontally while retaining easy access to the I/O. Rubberized screws also function as feet to supplement different orientations
Vertical PSU placement – the PSU is positioned on the front of the chassis to fully utilize internal space. The bracket can be relocated to offer position options depending on preference and form factor

MasterBox NR400 with ODD

Minimalistic mesh design - Elegant design elements are applied to mesh for optimal thermal performance.
Optimal thermal performance – the full mesh front panel and ventilated top panel provide a high potential for thermal performance.
Flush Tempered glass Side panel design – The tempered glass Side panel, fastened by thumbscrews on the rear panel, keeps the surface flush and unobstructed.
Graphics Card support up to 346mm – Generous clearance space is provided to support the latest graphics cards.
With/without ODD support – depending on preference, an odd version of the chassis is available. If an odd is not preferred, a cleaner appearance and more cooling options on the top and front panels are supported.
Headset jack – the single 4 pole headset jack features both Audio and microphone capabilities simultaneously so that separate jacks are not needed.
Cable management – high quality rubber grommets are paired with 22mm of clearance behind the motherboard TO offer ample room for cable management.