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Masteraccessory MP860

Two textured surfaces - low-friction cloth for speed, and smooth aluminum for control
Smooth RGB illumination - 19 LEDs adorn the borders with smooth animations and transitions free of glitches or bugs
Software customization - unlimited customization of your lighting effects
Effortless Synchronization - sync up your Cooler Master peripherals and light up your PC with a beautiful Rainbow of colors
$60.00 $89.99

MasterAccessory MP750 Extra Large

The MP750 is a soft mouse pad with performance, winning, and durability in mind, with a fully integrate RGB beam, a smooth, water-repellent surface graded for gaming on the professional level, and other improvements that go a long way to total victory.

COSMOS II 25th Anniversary Edition

Dual curved tempered glass side panel – both sides come with beautifully crafted side panels that blend seamlessly with the contours of the case.
"Hybrid metal structure – the case is made from a steel frame added with an aluminum motherboard tray and partition plate for a premium touch abd Solid brushed aluminum handles "
"Airflow optimized design – following the cosmos tradition of providing the best performance due to the front and top with high airflow designed mesh. "
Stylish and streamlined race-car inspired Look – the design has preserved the flagship Look to value and respect the cosmos tradition.
Blue LED ambient lighting – emphasize the beauty of your components with a discrete Blue glow from the LED fans or LED strip.
$249.99 $299.99

MK750 (US VER.)

Mechanical Cherry MX Brown Switch- RGB Per Key Floating Gaming Keyboard with Light bar Illumination
Minimalistic Design with Slim Profile and Floating Switch Design
Removable Magnetic Wrist Rest- For superior comfort
Dedicated keys- Multi-Media, Windows Lock On/Off, On-The-Fly Controls for Quick Macro
Included- 9 Purple Double shot PBT Gaming Keycaps and Braided Type-C USB Cable
$119.99 $149.99

MasterLiquid LC120L RGB

Liquid Cooling System - The Cooler Master LC120E delivers efficient cooling with our dual pump 120mm fans. It keeps your system running effectively, even in the high load times
Dual Chamber - Our low-profile dual chamber pump delivers sizable performance leaps over last-gen technology
120mm Fans - These fans keep a good flow gong to your key systems. Silent cooling at an efficient rate
Sleeved Tubing- reinforced FEP tubbing to keeps the tube kink-free and the liquid flowing to your CPU
RGB Controller - Allows you customize colors and light effects
$49.99 $64.99

MasterLiquid ML240R RGB

240mm Radiator Low: Profile Dual Chamber Addressable RGB pump with Dual Addressable RGB Fans for Push and Pull Air Flow
Addressable RGB Fans and Pump - Color option can be controlled through Cooler Master software CM Plus
Includes 1-to-3 Addressable RGB Splitter cable for multiple ARGB Fans. Noise Level-6 ~ 30 dBA
Includes: Wired Addressable RGB Controller for non RGB Motherboards for customize colors
Sleeved FEP Tubing's - Sleek Black Outer Sleeves with FEP Tubing's inside for Durable Lasting and Flexibility. Refer to the PDF attached below in Technical Specification for User Manual
$99.99 $129.99


Cherry MX switches - dominate rapid-fire situations with genuine German engineered switches good for 50 million clicks.
Revolutionary aimpad technology - exclusive partnership that gives you a competitive edge with total analog movement control while gaming.
Media keys and precision wheels - adjust everything from volume to RGB effects
Anodized brushed aluminum - high quality construction with industrial-grade brushed aluminum for the chassis.
Rgb Backlighting with light bar - illuminate your keyboard with lighting effects in 16.7 million colors.
On-the-fly adjustment of settings - Full control of lighting, macros and profiles - all without the need of software
Firmware and software updates – unlock your keyboard's full potential by heading over to cooler master's website for the newest firmware and software
$169.99 $229.99

MasterCase SL600M

The MasterCaseSL600M

Clad in sand-blasted aluminum, the MasterCase SL600M is the centerpiece of the workspace, with the performance capability of housing a gaming setup. Although gaming cases generally look out of place in a professional environment, the MasterCaseSL600M keeps both professionalism and performance intact while also taking on noise reduction and airflow.

The MasterCaseSL600M addresses both noise reduction and thermal efficiency; gaming can become quieter while noise reduction can run cooler. By fusing together the method of cooling with the method of noise-reduction, the MasterCaseSL600M enables components to run efficiently for work, for play, and for everything in between

$169.99 $249.99


Cherry MX switches - 100% Genuine switches good for 50 million keystrokes and available in tactile, linear or clicky
Brushed aluminum, compact form - keyless design with with slim profile and floating switches
Rgb Backlighting with light bar - illuminate your keyboard with lighting effects in 16.7 million colors
Removable magnetic wrist rest - for superior comfort during long gaming sessions
On-the-fly adjustment of settings - Full control of lighting, macros and profiles - all without the need of software
6-Key and N-Key Rollover for superior precision - every key that is pressed is registered, regardless of speed and os
$99.99 $129.99


Rgb Backlighting - per-key LEDs with multiple lighting modes and effects to highlight all your dominating killstreaks
Brushed aluminum design - curved top plate, Floating keycaps, and minimalistic design built with functionality in mind
Mechanical switches - durable mechanical switches rated for 50 million+ keypresses
On-the-fly controls - make real-time adjustments to lighting and macros with No software necessary
Easy-to-use software - map 16.7 million colors to any key, customize lighting modes, and fine-tune macros
$60.00 $89.99

MasterAccessory MP750 M/L/XL

Smooth gaming-grade surface - Slick surface optimal for speed and precision
Thick RGB borders - fully integrated into the borders for minimal fading and max illumination
Water repellent coating - avoid splash damage with water-resistant coating
Improved stitching - more comfort for those long, intense battles
Non-slip rubberized base - ensure your mouse pad will stand Its ground when you stand your ground
$24.99 $34.99


Gaming Grade Optical sensor - a 10000 DPI sensor offers peak performance during even the most troubling times
Rubberized side grips - comfortable grip with unmatched stability and control
RGB illumination - five preset modes and effects give your gear some Flash
Balanced weight - calibrated to 100 grams so not too light, not too heavy - just perfect for gaming and domination
Ergonomic shape - ambidextrous design caters to both hands and all grip types
$24.99 $29.99