MasterCase Pro 5

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The MasterCase heralds a new case family that offers you unparalleled control. Drawing inspiration from our MasterConcept, this is a case that goes back to our roots, picks up the Cooler Master flag, and charges boldly over the horizon into a new dawn for case technology. We want you to have absolute control over how your case looks and functions, and that means giving you the option to adjust the exterior structure and aesthetic via a range of replacement panels and doors. Each choice changes the look and feel of the case, but also the flexibility of the interior layout.



At heart, the MasterCase 5 advocates a new relationship that binds component makers and users closer together. Its elegantly smooth, flexible FreeForm Modular System supports multiple outlooks, allowing you to upgrade rather than entirely replace your case as your needs change over time. Go with either basic dual top handles and standard door of the MasterCase 5 or an elevated mesh top cover of the MasterCase Pro 5. FreeForm will extend to add additional accessories so that more options are available in the future.


But this isn't just about aesthetics. Each decision opens new possibilities. Leveraging our unique clip-and-click panel, FreeForm lets users vertically adjust or entirely remove your optical disk drive (ODD) and HDD via sliding locks so intuitive you’ll play with your configurations just for fun.


The first Cooler Master case to incorporate two easy to install slip-and-clip solid-state drive pockets (2.5”) with four easy mounting positions. Showcase them on the partition panel or hide them behind the motherboard tray for a cleaner look.


Looking for something more unique? FreeForm enables the option to install three front-mounted 140mm fans and a 280mm radiator for unmatchable ventilation due to a unique facility to horizontally shift the bottom-mounted hard disk drives. There’s also support for up to six 140mm fans through the case, unique for a mid-sized tower.


Splits the case via a partition panel that isolates the power supply unit, and keeps drive cages separate for clean, customizable cable management with plenty of space behind the try to keep them nice and tucked away. Rear mounted installation makes it ideal for redundant power supplies for server or workstation integration.


The internal and external modularity of the MasterCase 5 design allows it to be upgraded to allow for multiple system setups like home servers, professional workstations, or even gaming rigs with advanced watercooling and up to three extra-long graphics cards. So whether it’s an intensive rendering machine for 3D printing, VR development, high performance gaming, or even something totally unique and crazy, the MasterCase 5 has got you covered.


Dust filters on the front mesh, bottom, and top
Future optional accessories include fan brackets, video card weight supports, and water reservoir holders


Compatible with the latest Micro-ATX and ATX motherboards.


Parts, product replacement, and free technical support through CM FanZone.

Which MasterCase is Right for You?


MasterCase 5

MasterCase Pro 5

Size ATX Mid Tower ATX Mid Tower
Motherboard Support Micro-ATX, ATX Micro-ATX, ATX
Dimensions 235 x 512 x 548 mm
9.3 x 20.2 x 21.6 inch
235 x 512 x 548 mm
9.3 x 20.2 x 21.6 inch
Radiator Support Front: 280/240/140/120mm x1
Rear: 140/120mm x1
Front: 280/240/140/120mm x1
Rear: 140/120mm x1
Top: 240/140/120 mm x1
Fans Included Front: 140mm x1
Rear: 140mm x155 CFM (pre-installed)
Front: 140mm x2
Rear: 140mm x1
Fans Support Front: 140mm x3
Rear: 140mm x1 or 120mm x1
Top: 140/120mm x 2
Front: 140mm x3
Rear: 140mm x1 or 120mm x1
Top: 140/120mm x 2
Slip-and-Clip SSDs Pockets 2 2
Drive Cage 1 2
Window Side Panel Optional
Top Cooling Bracket Optional
Mesh Top Cover Optional