MasterWatt Maker 1200

Cooler Master’s first Titanium 94% efficiency, hybrid power supply offers outstanding performance with unparalleled monitoring and control via exclusive CM Connect software and mobile app.
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A Paragon of Power

Cooler Master’s first Titanium 94% efficiency, hybrid power supply offers outstanding performance with unparalleled monitoring and control via exclusive CM Connect software and mobile app.
  • 1200 Watt 80 Plus Titanium, 94% efficiency
  • Superb aluminum alloy exterior
  • Exclusive real-time monitoring via software and mobile app
  • Switchable +12V rail, Multi- and single rail modes
  • Low ripple & noise
  • Fully modular, flat, high-capacity cables
  • Silent fanless mode for moderate loads (up to 480W)
  • Silencio 135mm PWM silent pressure fan.
More Power, Less Noise

Imagine your own silent power plant, delivering up to 1200W clean, stable power to your most prized devices. You can rest easy with CoolerMaster’s first digitally regulated power supply giving you peace of mind. Enjoy fanless operation while operating loads under 40% capacity.
Craftsmanship: Inside and Out

The only Titanium power supply built to be seen and not heard. The MasterWatt Maker is made of a brushed aluminum exterior. You no longer need to hide your power supply away in a corner when it looks as sleek as the MasterWatt Maker. Plus, a fully ventilated aluminum intake provides sufficient airflow to better cool interior components.
Masterful Control

From midnight overclocking sessions to Saturday night live streaming, monitor and keep real time logging data courtesy of the Cooler MasterConnect software.
  • Mobile: Utilize PC independent apps to monitor a PC in native iOS, or Android platforms.
  • Bluetooth: As your PC does it’s thing, your mobile device monitors up to 10 meters away through Bluetooth 3.0 EDR technology.
  • Real-Time: Witness your power output live with no simulations or models.
  • Backup: Record data logs to hard disk for future reference
Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
MasterWatt Maker not only delivers bigpower, but puts unprecedented controland ease in the hands of the userthrough the best-in-class Arm CortexM4 processor.
  • Low ripple, noise: voltage is automatically adjusted to remain within +/- 1%, keeping output stable even under high loads.
  • Safety settings: OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP, SCP and OTP protection
  • Single or multi-rail: CM Connect software can switch between default +12V multi-rail or single rail modes for releasing full overclocking potential.


Silencio means Silence

When output is high, MasterWatt Maker’s 135mm Silencio FP fan keeps 25% more air pressure than regular fans on critical internal components. When output is under 480W, enjoy fanless operation.


Brilliantly Engineered

What keeps the MasterWatt Maker highly efficient, cool and powerful? CoolerMaster’s improved 3D circuit design delivers a direct, uncluttered expressway with highly compact transformers and efficient circuit design.


The Highest Efficiency Level
There isn’t a better level of efficiency than MasterWatt Maker’s 80 Plus Titanium. Don’t take our word for it, see our globally tested 94% rating from the experts inefficiency here.