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MasterCase H500

-Mesh and Transparent Options Included
-Two 200mm RGB Fans and Controller
-Clear View Inside
-Radiator Support
-Covers for Clean Building
-Top Magnetic Filter
-Case Handle for Transport

MasterBox MB530P

3 Tempered Glass Panels
Addressable RGB Fans
ARGB Lighting Control
Cooling Support
Graphics Card Support

MasterCase SL600M

The MasterCaseSL600M

Clad in sand-blasted aluminum, the MasterCase SL600M is the centerpiece of the workspace, with the performance capability of housing a gaming setup. Although gaming cases generally look out of place in a professional environment, the MasterCaseSL600M keeps both professionalism and performance intact while also taking on noise reduction and airflow.

The MasterCaseSL600M addresses both noise reduction and thermal efficiency; gaming can become quieter while noise reduction can run cooler. By fusing together the method of cooling with the method of noise-reduction, the MasterCaseSL600M enables components to run efficiently for work, for play, and for everything in between

$169.99 $249.99

MasterBox MB511 RGB

Mesh front panel
Performance intake
Rgb LED fans
Rgb lighting control
Cooling support