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MasterAccessory MP510 (Extra large)

The MP510 Gaming Mouse Pad is an upgrade in every sense of the word, adding skill points to durability, accuracy, and performance. The key is in the special Cordura® fabric, which delivers responsiveness, durability, and water resistance. No need to worry about sweat, tears, and energy drinks nerfing your performance. Designed for the perfect balance of speed and control, the anti-fray stitching of the MP510 prevents pesky peeling. Sturdy and built to last, the MP510 is your exotic gear of chocie on the battlefield.

MasterAccessory MP750 Extra Large

The MP750 is a soft mouse pad with performance, winning, and durability in mind, with a fully integrate RGB beam, a smooth, water-repellent surface graded for gaming on the professional level, and other improvements that go a long way to total victory.

Masteraccessory MP860

Two textured surfaces - low-friction cloth for speed, and smooth aluminum for control
Smooth RGB illumination - 19 LEDs adorn the borders with smooth animations and transitions free of glitches or bugs
Software customization - unlimited customization of your lighting effects
Effortless Synchronization - sync up your Cooler Master peripherals and light up your PC with a beautiful Rainbow of colors
$60.00 $89.99

MasterAccessory MP750 M/L/XL

Smooth gaming-grade surface - Slick surface optimal for speed and precision
Thick RGB borders - fully integrated into the borders for minimal fading and max illumination
Water repellent coating - avoid splash damage with water-resistant coating
Improved stitching - more comfort for those long, intense battles
Non-slip rubberized base - ensure your mouse pad will stand Its ground when you stand your ground
$24.99 $34.99